My studio

Well, my studio is repaired. I have now gained about a sidewalks width of room( before a gaping hole stood there). Feels good to fix something around our house and not have to worry about wild animals walking around my studio for awhile. Last year I had a raccoon family that would wonder in every night and eat the cat food. One night at 3 in the morning I found one of them scaling the screen behind my shelf full of finished work. I of course freaked out, made some noise and the thing crawled down very gracefully without knocking a single pot off the shelf. Amazing......

I'm working kind of slowly this week. I've managed to make some nice teabowls, large bowls and pretty large vases. Actually I got the idea for my up coming class to work on bigger pots so I thought I might as well practice putting two pieces together myself since I haven't done this in a long time. Well, the results where not that good so a few nights ago I thought, what the heck I'm just going to throw a huge amount of clay and see if I can do it. Low and behold I've gotten some pretty substantial pots made out of porcelain( to bad they will shrinks down so much). I'll let you know how they turn out.

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