I can't seem to get the photo's I need published on here the last few nights. After I write a bit I'll try again. ( I hate computers....well I love them and hate them all at the same time). On to pots...............I just got back throwing last night. Boy it was nice. Whenever I know I have something big coming up I just start small with cups or bowls. Last night I threw some pretty substancial teabowls for my show in July with my Dad. I've put alot of good pots away for the show but relised after logging the prices for all that I had already, I need some nice smaller items to balance it all out. I also had to re-arrange my studio a bit because Mr. Green( go on Joey's Smackapple blog and you can read more about our contractor issues) anyways, he's starting on fixing my studio hole in the morning. I need to take a photo of that so you can see just what kind of "decay" I've been working in for a year. Give a kind thought to the pottery gods that while Mr.Green is working none of my stuff gets broken while I'm trying to work as well.

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