Strictly functional

I got "lost" again on the web last night. As I said before I get on here usually about 11pm after I finish my studio work and I check my email, write stuff on the blog and then some nights I go web searching. This at times is a bad thing for me to do because I either spend to much time looking at stuff , which cuts into my sleep time or it kind of makes me depressed at all the fantastic work out there that I'm competing with. I guess both of these issues where true last night. I decided to check out this years entries in the Strictly Functional show ( a juried pottery show that I have entered for the last 5 years and got rejected every time!). Some years I've gone on there and thought after seeing some pots and the slide quality -" how did they get in and I didn't"? But this year I was in awe of the work that was selected. Mostly all of it was awesome and I was very envious of the creativity and skill these potter had. You would think this would make me rush right out to my studio and work on the most creative thing I could come up with but really the opposite is true. It just makes me want to get back to basics and refine what I think I may have missed. I could go on and on about this but instead let me just encourage you to go look at this show on the web if you love pots!


Ron said...

Hey, you may not have made it into Strictly Functional but as I write this Sarah is sitting on the couch having coffee out of one of your mugs. To me that's much better than seeing your pot in some exhibit on the web. We enjoy having your pots.

Anonymous said...

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