Getting motivated

I've been having a hard week trying to stay focused and motivated on getting good things done for this show. Some of it I think is just been the week. Face it, some weeks your just kind of in a funk. I'm having that kind of week sort of. We are off to the beach on Saturday so maybe a little vacation will do me good and I'll be back to a fresh start. I am getting things made for the show but the excitement to make stuff is not there this week. I think I really need to learn to turn the TV off in the evening when I work. I just so addicted to turning it on and then I end of watching really bad shows that take my focus away from what's at hand. On weekends when I can be out in my studio with the radio and no one else around is when I really love being there and feel like I do my best. Night are hard with kids opening the door all the time with interruptions and all the background noise of what's going on inside the house. Ok......Well that is my "potters world" for today. I'm going to do some lowfire glaze test the end of this week so hopefully I'll get some photo's on here and talk more about my thinking behind that. Have a good one!

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