Finishing up for some R&R

I got almost everything finished up tonight since we will be at the beach for a few days. I did have a good long night in the studio last night and got my motivation back. I started around 6 and didn't finish up until about 11:30. I ended up doing some nice work I thought! I'm still working on the Flower-block form. I really am liking this piece a lot because there is so much I can do on the surface. I am kind of excited to start experimenting with some low-fire lusters and colors. ( It could also be a real visual disaster).

I decided to treat myself to a movie tonight while I put sprigs on a lot of things. I rented "Trans-America". Felicity Hoffman( I think that is her name) is one of my new favorite actresses. I love her in desperate housewives-she plays my favorite house wife Lynnette.( I can relate to her since she has twins and says some wacky things to people at times). She was awesome in this movie. I did after about the first 15 minute start forgetting that she was a women. Rent it if you get a chance! I'll be back in a few days!

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