Tonight I tried to get out into my studio and do some cleaning but all I could concentrate on is the kids and bed time ect. I'm enjoying summer so far with the kids I'm happy to report. I guess without all the stress of driving people here and there has proved to be pretty great. I still have lots I need to do but something is differant now that the kids are out of school. Just staying at home and spending time laying out in the grass with the girls or reading a bunch of books on the bed with the the breeze going through the windows is very relaxing to me. I tend not to be a very relaxed person( as most people who know me well can see) so this has been great for me. So, its 10:30, there are tons of boxes to unload, clay to recycle, floors to mop and just basic junk/trash and smells everywhere out there but for another day or so I think I'm going to let it sit there and enjoy the kids.

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