I'm still working away today. As always, I don't think I have enough new stuff to suit me. But that is just me, all of it will be new to someone so I have to remember that. Here is a photo of the jam-jar I spoke of in a post back. PLEASE feel free to tell me what you think of them. I kind rushed the feet today because I was in a hurry to get stuff done and onto the next phase of my process. I did get the piece out with the luster on it. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. It could be a nice accent on non-functional work. Julia Galloway's work has lots of luster on it but I can tell she has some other "gold" that she uses, not like this one I have. There are always secrets that every potter keeps to themselves. If your don't know her pots goggle her name and her web-site will pop up. I love her work!


Ron said...

Hey Jen, These are great. While I was up at Rock Creek we talked about these kinds of pots. Will and Douglass make a double dish (no lid) and we talked about the ones Willem Gebben makes, his are lidded. Douglass said she saw some nice ones by Clive Bowen (English) who does woodfired earthenware,his are lidded jam jars too. I've seen some old pots in books that are double and lidded. I like the tilt on yours. Nice handles, but it may be cool if they were more whimsical like your knobs and feet. Or not. Maybe they need a "who ha" on top. ?? Just my 2 cents.
Hope all comes out well for the show. Can't wait to see those lusters. There's nothing wrong with Vegas. Talk to ya soon.

Jen Mecca said...

They are horrible to try and decorate. I broke two feet off of one of them tonight, so they may not even make it.( Of course its 11:30 and I just finished so I'm sure that did not help matters). They are cool forms to look at, I"m going to keep trying with them. Thanks for the input!j

Ron said...

I don't know if I'd change those handles or not. I just looked at them again and I think they are right on, nice simple lines, no fuss. It lets the jars take center stage.