pottery buddies

I forgot to mention that I had a great time Friday night getting together with a group of my pottery friends. I love all the friends in my life but being about to talk pots without the other person getting bored by the conversation is just a addiction that I have to have. I think most potters would agree with me. I almost wish someone could tell me if its like this with all professions or is it just the crafts people that find themselves absurdly in this. I guess I can say the same is true when I get with me mom friends. Its all the need for information and gathering that. Maybe I just need to be a fly on the wall when a bunch of doctors or actors get together. I know my parents( who are both educators) use to talk about that non-stop at the dinner table when I was little so I guess it is true. ( Of course pots still seem like a more exciting conversation to me.)

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