My show with my Dad

I'm doing a show with my Dad next month. Its a pretty fun "project" for the both of us. When I was really little I remember my Dad painting at the kitchen table and we had several of his painting hanging on the walls. Sadly I think pretty much when I entered school his job got more demanding and he stopped painting. About the time I decided to go back to school and get another degree in pottery, he started getting interested in painting again which I thought was great. Last year he set up this show for us at the Greenwood Arts Council ( my "sudo" hometown) and we will be showing there together in July. It will quit a contrast in process because Dad likes to do very geometric painting and of course I'm all about the organic. I know all my love for the creative came from him and its fun to do this show together.
Here are some new big vases I've been working on for the show. Lets hope they get through the first firing!

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you should put the postcard on here when you get it -