The pick and choose

Opened my kiln Friday night and was happy to see for the most part a successful group of pots. I've been fooling with my glaze, the application and colors for bit and now I"m down to liking 3 out of the 5 glazes. I don't really want to narrow my self to just those three but I know if I have to many I'm going to look all over the board( which I know I have a tendency to do anyways). In fact someone came into my booth at this show and said. "You have so much stuff going on here". At the moment I didn't think much of it but then I thought, "was the a compliment or not"? I do love to try out new thing and am just know getting to the point where I have my items that I make and take to every sale because they sell, they are fast to make and people look for them when they come into my booth. As for the surface of my work, I can never leave that alone. There are just to many cool things to do and try. Like I said, I had some good stuff and ify stuff come out of the last kiln for this show. I put some aside for slides and took the rest. I didn't like how my new multi- budvase came out but I put out just to take up room and low and behold, it sold. You just never know. And the clam boxes that I thought would fly out of there for mothers day, just sat. You just never know.

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