May has come and gone. I use to think that May was "My month"; of course my birthday is the 28th. Even my father said today that when I was young I use to start planning my birthday a month in advance. Joey can tell you that, that has not changed. But I just turned 39 and it has finally sunk in that other things happen in May. It flew by before it sunk in that I was turning another year older...fastly approaching the big 40. My son finished pre-school which at the time I didn't think was a big deal. His school had a little graduation and I found myself so proud of him and all teary eyed when he got up to sing his little songs. I also had to put my cat down this month. She was one of my best friends and I realized how fast life goes by. Joey and I planned on doing major repairs to our home but everytime we got money in the bank this month and tried to get the carpenter over here, the money had to go to other things. ( Now June is here and we are back saving money for the house). Time really flies, life is a cycle, a routine and before you know it, you are another year older. What in the world does this have to do with pots????????????? Well, making pots is a cycle. I can look back on my work from last year or last month and relies that a lot happens in a month with the progress in one's work. It makes me feel good to see where I was and where I'm going. I just wish I could go back 10 years and be at the same place!

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