A New Adventure

For the last two months as I've been outside on the porch making my pottery, Joey has been in here trying to come up with a website for me. He's been telling me for I think the last five years how I've needed one of these ........well here we go! He has decided that this one is just temporary and he's going to buy some software and make it his mission to come up with a "really cool" website. So for right now I figure we have a good set up. He can take control of getting my pottery business more high tec and "serious" and I'll concentrate on what I love, making pots!

Tonight I was throwing more stuff for my up coming show in Matthews. I've been really trying to make some things I've always wanted to but just have not given my self time to do. For this show( and I hope they come out) I'm making some large, multi vase bud vases. This is hard to describe but I've been seeing alot of these from other potters and I think they are pretty cool. Always I have to work out the surface treatment for something new and decide while I'm putting all the parts together how I'm going to glaze it. I'm going to take some photo's of the one's I've made and put them up for everyone to see so I can get some preface!
Well, time for bed I think. Tomorrow my inlaws are visiting , which I'm looking forward too and Quaid has his last soccer game....big day ahead.

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