This will come up a lot!

I'm sitting here at 2 in the afternoon attempting to add a post on my blog. Now, why do you think this might be a big deal? Well, the kids are at the moment in there rooms playing but at any moment my train of thought could be disturb and I'll have to end what it was I wanted to talk about. Maybe it was this! I know in this journal it will come up time and again at how hard I find juggling being a mom and a potter. I'm sure any professional mom feels this way but having the need to be creative is a hard urge and addiction to stifle. So, I try the best I can to do both. At the moment I have pots out in my studio ready to be stained and put in the kiln but there is no way I can just run out to start on that with the kids around. If I where really selfish in my need to work I would just put on a long movie and sit them in front of the boob-tube and leave but that in my eyes would haunt me for life. So, I wait until Joey gets home and I can go be on my own, with my own thoughts. Its kind of like being two people really. I'm anxious about this kiln because I have new things in it. I'm always worried before I bisque because there is always that chance I'll blow something up. ( I hate when that happens). It use to be that getting it through the glaze firing was the hard part but it has since changed because I'm always rushing things through the process to make the most of my short visits to my other world.
Well, it looks like I did get some peace to think and put down my thoughts. Now time has come to go back to being a domestic goddess.

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