A race to the finish..

I'm in a race this week. I have another show coming up June 3rd and this is the story of my life with pots and family. I get this pit in my stomach when thinking that I've only have a few more days to make stuff before I pack up for this show. It just so happens that this is my favorite show to do and usually I sell a lot. Its in Raleigh at a friend of mine home and its the one of the nicest small craft show I've seen. My friend Frances who is a gardener and her late husband Al took the grounds of there home and made all these wonderful gardens. Frances also makes garden sculpture( beautiful garden women) and she invites many of her sculpture friends and other craft people show has been close to through out the years. I met Frances when I was working at Cedar Creek gallery and she and my friend John ( who also works at CC) did the flowers for our wedding. Anyways, a bunch of us that use to work at the gallery do the show and its just so much fun to sell my work and hang out with all my old friends. Lots of good laughs.
Anyways, as luck would have it, I've come down with some sort of virus most likely from the stress of "the race" so I think I'm going to have to take advise from the story about the tortoise and the hare and just go slow and steady and work the best I can to finish my race.


Ron said...

Hey, the pottery fairies are on strike. I just found out, apparently they feel they are not appreciated and need to be paid higher wages and have health care. I don't know why they think they should get this when we don't. I have no sympathy for the little buggers and I'm just going to start doing all the work myself.

Jen Mecca said...

Well I guess I won't be feeding them the free catfood and M&M's I usually put out in my studio anymore! Who do they think they are!!!!!!!!!