Today the weather is back up in the 70's so my Christmas cheer is a little wishy-washy. Here is a flower that I noticed today that is also confused about what is going on. It makes me smile to see that it popped up from under all these leaves in one of my flower beds that looks all brown and asleep for the winter.

I"m doing my usual last minute rush to get ready for my home show. Really I"m not in a "panic" as I normally am, but I am finishing up stuff today and will start the kilns tomorrow...one after another. The big work is the state of my house. Keeping things pick-up is about all I have time for;cleaning isn't always a priority around here. Joey and I laugh about all the paint that is chipped on the molding and the dust that seems to be everywhere in the house. I think old houses come with invisible dust monkeys that drop more than normal houses because no matter how much you dust...there is always more. And did I mention that we live in a house that is over 100 years old! Thursday I am "borrowing" my parents cleaning lady and boy is she in for a shock! As for the studio and glaze barn, that will be my job and even though I do clean up after each big round of work, I REALLY need to do a bang up job just incase people want to see where I work and check out the new kiln. I haven't done a home show in 2 years!

On the family front, we had a busy weekend of running around to various Christmas parties, birthday parties and music concerts....very busy weekend for us! The kids only have a week and half left of school and Christmas will be here! The older they get the more I realise how much I love doing all the Christmas traditional stuff so they have great memories growing up.

I'll try to post some pottery photo's soon!