Holiday Show

I first have to apologize for totally forgetting my camera yesterday during my show. Putting everything together on Friday and having Mary Anna here with me and customers in and out, I totally forgot to document the days events. (I guess I haven't been the best blogger lately! )

With that out of the way..... the day was cold and rainy which did not seem to deter the York folks from coming out and supporting us. I had a lot of neighbors stop by and some folks from my children school. I of course enjoy visiting with my neighbors and fellow "York-y-ins" but having some of the Gastonia crowd come by really made me feel good. I don't think any of these people read my blog but I will say thanks to them for coming by. I never seem to get any kind of students or traffic from Charlotte which kind of gets me down sometimes but I guess I can understand the drive. There is no longer a shop here in town where I can sell my work so I think I just need to focus on the positive fact that I do my home shows for the folks I know here in town.

All day Friday Joey and I worked on getting the house cleaned up and decorated for the event. I'm happy to report that I had NO kiln cooling on Saturday morning to unload. I did however on Saturday morning feel the need to sleep in longer than I should have and we all where running around until the time we opened like chickens with our heads cut off. ( This is never a good role model for the children and I have proven time and time again that when we are stressed the kids act up). Quaid elected to hang out at the house with Mary Anna and myself all day and I think he really enjoyed seeing some adults he knew. The girls went Christmas shopping with their Dad and I was amazed he was able to keep them out for the entire day!

Here is a photo of just one of the items Mary Anna makes. They are bird houses with various found objects and pottery shards attached to them. They are pretty funky but lots of fun. Some of them even have my old pots attached to them!

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Scott Smith said...

HEY, I am your student and I was there! Maybe those slackers from Charlotte can't find York. LOL.

Did Debi tell you I broke my vintage Mecca bowl when we got home from your sale? I have no idea what happened - it just seemed to jump out of my hands. I was SO bummed - because I was very excited to have one of your pieces from before we knew you. Maybe it was a sign that I wasn't supposed to have it; maybe I should have given it to you.

Thanks for showing me your first handle! It was encouraging.