Happy Holidays from Me!

I just wanted to send everyone who reads my blog a "e-card" from me.

I really appreciate all the comments you guys leave for me. I even like that fact that I can look on my map of the world and be amazed at how many hits I get from all over. I know not everyone reads my mis- spelled/grammatical errors and thoughts, but it still very neat to see those red dots.

A very Happy Holiday to all. I wish for everyone a peaceful Christmas, a kinder world in the New Year, the hopes of better leadership to come for our nation and for us here in the South...more rain.

All my thoughts and good wishes.

Peace, Jennifer


Judi Tavill said...

Love your grammatical errors!!!

Judi Tavill said...

also... thanks for commenting on my blog.. I just entered a big ole' post! check it out!