The glaze kiln is cooling and I'm getting ready to head out and finish putting black stain on my next load of work. I made these really neat pillow ornaments that I'm excited to see when they are finally done. The girls sat outside with me yesterday and went crazy playing with clay while I put my "pillows" together. They where stamping leaves and rocks in my porcelain. Normally I would not want to spare any of it but the day was nice and since its before Christmas I want them to have some good memories and not any of mom just working constantly and they being inside on there own to fend with their toys. This weekend it all will come to an end and I'll take a break to enjoy time with them and the holidays.

Last night I had book club and enjoyed a topic that caused a heated debate among the group of ladies I meet with. This group is made up of friends of mine that I met when Quaid was a baby and I joined a "Mothers Morning Out" group at a near by church. Normally I would not have anything in common with most of these people but through out the years we have bounded with all the ups and downs of motherhood. With that being said there are about 10 ladies who are very Conservative in the group and only 5 of us who are on the other side of the fence. The book we read was by Michaiel Creichton on global warmer called State of Fear. Our next book was one I choose called Fast Food Nation. This is the second year I've participated in the group and although I don't always get the books read I do enjoy the chance to kind of step out of my comfort zone and hear other peoples view of things.

Thursday update: Just got back from going on a field trip with Quaid, my glaze out came out great and another bisque is cooling. Tomorrow will be the set up and people are already calling about needing to come a day early! Hopefully this is a good sign.

Two days ago I came in from my studio to find a little chip monk hopping around the kitchen. I was alone with the kids so you could just image when I called Quaid, my 7 year old for help, what it was like for the chip monk trying to be captured by a 7 year old boy and two screaming 4 year old girls. We never caught him but Quaid did try to make all sorts of cardboard box traps that night. Joey's answer was to let the cats get it. Of course I knew that the reason we had the chipmonk in the house was BECAUSE of the cats. Well one in particular. Anyways two days later, here I was sitting at my desk while the house was quiet and he came out again. This time I opened the front door and with in an hour I saw him find his way out.
This evening I was running back into the house to take a break from glazing and found a poor dead squirrel by my potters wheel and one smiling cat beside it!!!! I guess Clayton is trying to give me my Christmas gifts early.


Scott Smith said...

I would love to see a video of you & the kids trying to catch the critter. LOL. We'll see you today at your sale!

Jen Mecca said...

Scott, thanks so much for coming to my sale! I love the t-shirt you made! jen

Scott Smith said...

Jen, glad you like the shirt. I hate fun making it. Who knows, it might be a conversation starter (or it might get you beat up if you wear it in the wrong crowd).

Scott Smith said...

Ok, that was NOT a freudian slip, just a slip of the fingers... it is supposed to say "I HAD FUN MAKING IT," not "I HATE FUN MAKING IT."