Doing it all

I get a treat today because Joey took a half day off so he's running the car pool and I've spent all morning paying bills and I'm about to go out and work. The temp. here is 35 so to me it is starting to feel like christmas. I grew up in Upstate NewYork so for a long time I got a little down about christmas here in the South without any snow. Since I've lived here now for over 20 years alittle bit of cold is all I need these days. ( I do hate christmas day if it is in the 60's!) But of course cold weather means a cold studio so I just turned my heater and I thought I'd take some time to post.

So far this week its been all about trying to decorate the house, shop and work all at the same time. Of course I am also still doing the norm that goes on around here - cleaning, homework ect. I always get a huge burst of energy around the holidays so in January I usually just lay low and
re coop. I love to go toy searching for the kids and of course get the best deals so I've been all over the place checking different things out before I spend any money. I like taking the girls with me so I can see what they really want. This year pretty much they want IT ALL. Quaid on the other hand has been bringing his lego catalog everywhere with him and only wants two things. Quaid got to hang out with me last weekend at the Clayworks show. He was very excited to finally get to go to a show that I was in. He did pretty good and entertained those folks who where working as well. ( Thank Elaine for talking to him about your work!)

In the studio I've been enjoying making cups, bowls, small dipping dishing and just basically not to much the requires a lot of assembly. I feel like I did most of that before the CDC so I'm enjoying just doing simple things. I am getting excited about my Holiday home show. It will be next Saturday , December 15th from 10 t0 5. This year my friend Mary Anna is going to bring some things that she's been working on. She makes there really cool bird houses out of found objects along with some wall pieces and other smaller items. I love hanging out with Mary Anna because she likes to laugh. It is always nice having someone to do a show with and keep you company just in case the crowd does not show up!

I think my studio should be warm by now. Hope your enjoying getting ready for the holiday!

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Scott Smith said...

It is 76 degrees outside as I read your blog post about it finally starting to feel like Christmas. Ugh.

Sorry I missed you & Quaid at the Clayworks sale - I went on Friday night.