Holiday Day

Today was a great day. The girls got to go to a cookie decorating party and that meant Quaid got me all to himself. We had a fun day of going to the pet store, toy shopping( well looking and saying what Santa was and was not going to bring) and a cheap lunch at Target. When I was little my big thing was to go to a place called Woolworth's and get a grilled cheese at the lunch counter with my mom. I was remembering how much I loved this while Quaid ate his chicken nuggets.

Later in the day and in the evening we made cookies. Here's my cake plate with some frosted up treats. Joey and I also made granola for our neighbors instead of cookies this year. I hope they eat stuff like that!!

The favorite part of my day was picking out a special mug for my mid-day coffee break. We have lots of 2nd's that we use as everyday mugs in our house. With kids you've got to sort of use things you won't cry over if they get broken. All my "fancy" mugs are on a shelf for all to see. Today I pulled down one of those. This mug is by Gay Smith and I wanted to show that we keep our coffee in a nice covered jar I made and the Splendar in a cup by Mark Peters. Boy that cup of coffee was soooooooooo good.

Here is my center piece for the dinning room table. My folks and my grandmother will be with us for Christmas this year. I can not wait to set my Christmas table!


Judi Tavill said...

very pretty and festive!
have a great holiday!

Unknown said...

So funny about Woolworths....We did the same thing...my brother and I, and mom would take us. And it is a great memory for some reason!! I just laughed when I read your blog.

Love the work, and the leaning ladies that fuse in teh kiln. I know you called them twins, but they look like ladies to me.

And I am enjoying drinking out of the mug I have of yours...am working on some skulls now...so one of the way for you soon!!