Photo's from christmas

We had a great Christmas. Joey and I agreed that it was one of the best Christmas's we had. Not a lot of stress. Lots of family time, good gifts and everyone had fun. We went ice skating ( well the kids and I did while Joey watched. What an experience trying to teach 3 kids how to skate at once!) Joey cooked up a storm this Christmas. We had crab soup, lamb, ricotta pie and a host of other goodies. I got to play lots of games with the kids and just relax and I was showered with all sorts of great gifts! Joey even painted our bedroom which was my only request this Christmas. Here are some high lights from our day!

Here is a T-shirt my friend Scott made. Joey got one too! ( He just can't get away from being pulled into the world of pottery no matter how much he tries!)

Here's our tree. Look at all the loot under it!

This is Quaid with his "Christmas cat". I know Paws did not care for this bow but as my mom always says, cats need to earn their keep. The day after Christmas Clayton brought me a big juicy mouse as a gift. She loves me.....

Here are the girls using their new little ironing board I got them. I think the table this day was being used as a vet table for sick animals. As you can see you always have to work in your dance attire.


Judi Tavill said...

where can I get a tshirt????

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!!
Happy to hear you had so much fun on Christmas!!
It's been so hectic with us that we didn't even have Christmas tree this year... but I'm grateful that we were able to spend Christmas day & dinner as a family again.
We're moving back to the U.S. within a month...We're relocating to Reno. Hope I'll be able to find a pottery class there...

Have a happy new year!!

Scott Smith said...

Judi, you can get a "make pots not war" shirt at http://www.cafepress.com/makepots.