Ok, so I just re-read what I wrote the other night. I just got around to editing whatever run-ons I had....which where a lot.

Maybe one day they will be able to put some sort of chip in people's heads that have learning issues. Today I noticed that Aydan has been writing her name backwards. I use to be able to write my name upside down and backwards. When I saw this I asked her if she does this a lot in school. She answered yes, but her teacher makes her change it. I do watch very closely how the children are doing with their learning because I just know my learning disability gene had to get passed down to one of them. It is still early to make a verdict about the girls but I see more signs with them then I ever did with Quaid and he has ADD. Anyways........if you've ever wondered how I got through grad school, I can recall many times Joey proof read everything I wrote including my thesis.

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