I was starting to take the last of my pots in from my show the other night and thought I'd take a few photo's to post on the blog. I still have a great selection of pots for two galleries that I'm taking work too in January and February. This hardly ever happens and is never that case in my line of work! I also have some great pots for some new photo's to be taken. This is also a treat because usually making the pots for the slides I need. I guess maybe I am finally getting a head of myself with inventory which is a good feeling I just concluded!
Here are some candle sticks. They look like a small army to me!
These are my "rock cups". I call them that because I have a friend who bought a bunch of them to be used for mixed cocktails...which I thought was a good idea. Why use glass when you can drink out of pottery at a party. At least if you drop it, it may not break!
These vases are my twins. I try to make the arms and sides so they can fuse together nicely in the kiln. I just stack them next to each other and they fuse together nicely when they the lean towards one another.

Here are two pitchers. I enjoy the lines that I've draw on these because I think they make the piece look taller. I think I need to work on some reasoning and thought on where I put the sprigs.


Unknown said...

I like your twins!!! obviously the girls inipired that one... check out my blog for the latest....

Vicki Gill, potter said...

I spend so much time trying not to stick things together that I thought your twin vases were brilliant. Kind of like shifting the viewpoint so you see a whole new side of life. Now you've got me thinking--what can I put together? What would be a good marriage of pieces? Some food for creativity in January. Thanks!