Back at it!

The morning has been spent in the studio..cleaning and such. Here's my door leading out to my wonderland!

In all honesty I haven't spent the whole morning there. I went for a run this morning( well a run walk..I haven't ran in ages and was never REALLY good at it but I'm giving it another try). I also have spent the morning leafing through my CM for shows. I'll have to say this month didn't upset me as much as other months have. There were some nice articles in there. I'll talk about that in another post!

Look at my clean wheel!

Do you think I have enough clean towels?
Of course I said we would start on my stack last weekend but we only got as far as buying the saw to cut the bricks.

I'm going to make some nice fresh clay tonight and I think on Friday I'll hitch up the wagon and set off to Charlotte to pick up some clay and other needed supplies.

I've had my new Ipod on all morning and I am just loving being immersed in my music no matter where I've gone. ( The cats keep looking at me funny).Jeff Buckley's tune "Last Goodbye" inspired me to start running today. Joey also got me Serious Radio for my car this Christmas. I've discovered some new people I would really like to check out more - David Grey and Abra Moore. At the moment I'm singing to Ryan!( Adams that is...can't get enough).

Keep back soon for some food for thought with C Monthly.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

I know this is a touchy subject but will you be voting in the South Carolina primaries? Have you been following all of the coverage of the elections? I have been motivated to find my voters registration card to actually vote for the first time in the primaries. I always vote in the general elections but have never been moved or motivated to vote in the primaries. I hope that you are feeling the same way. Just curious.

Amy E

Jen Mecca said...

Oh..its not a touchy subject with me! You know I'm voting...not sure who but I'm voting!!! That reminds me that I need to look on the internet for a bummer sticker I saw that read something like..."January 20, 2008 an end to an error!"
I think that S Carolinian's will either go for John Edwards or Obama...Hiliary does'nt stand a chance in this state. Our town in COVERED with Mitt Rhomney and there is Huckabee headquarters downtown! I've seen maybe one John Edwards sign. I do have to say that we have 4 democrates on our street so we'll most likely be the only block with those sort of signs in our front yard come November!j

Scott Smith said...

Jen, what kind of saw did you buy? I can't quite make it out from the photo.

There are times when I think all technology is evil and should be banished from the earth, but I do love my MP3 player. It's so awesome having all of that music (something for almost every mood) at your fingertips.

I'm definitely voting in the primary. I had the thought the other day that I should vote in the republican primary -- just on the chance that the democratic candidate loses the general election, I'd like to ensure that we don't put another republican like Bush in the White House!

Jen, you're probably right about Clinton in SC. Too bad -- she might be the best person for the job.