Resolutions and hopes for 2008 - some serious...some nutty

I resolve too.......

*Take my sketch book with me everywhere so I can jot down all that pops into my head
* To have more patience with my kids
* Go to the gym more
* Stop using the word "at" at the end of a sentence and "Oh god!" ( basically because my kids say both of these all the time!)
* Try to push my students a bit more....in a good way
* Stop wearing my sweat pants out in public as much...time for big girl pants!
* Get the kids outside to play more
* Spend more one on one time with my grandmother
* Drink more water
* Give Clayton my cat as much attention as I give Paws
* Have more dates with my husband
Hopes for the New Year.....
* I hope my salt kiln works!!!!!!!
* I hope I can have a smooth transition from cone7 electric to salt!! ( Stay tuned to see how I'm going to pull that one off!)
* I wish Britney Spears would go away in 2008....
* I hope someone good gets elected to run this country!
* I hope in 2008 that the killing of young men and women over seas stops
* I hope my butt gets smaller
* I hope my kids learn how to be more quiet
* I wish at Easter this year everyone had to dress up in a "Peep" costume and go to work ( wouldn't that just put a smile on every one's face all over the world for one day!)
* I hope my sales keep increasing
* I hope we can keep the kids at the school they attend

And my final hope for 2008 is that I CAN MAKE some good killer pots!

Happy 2008 Everyone!


Unknown said...

ok... can i just cut and paste moste of yours.... the but getting smaller one is REALLY workin' for me!

Anonymous said...

Good luck in 2008 Jen. Loft goals you`ve set but very rewarding. Interseting information in your last post.

Anonymous said...

Where can we get the Peeps costumes in our size?

Jen Mecca said...

Debi- I saw a mother and daughter suit in some catalog I got and thought.."I've found next year costumes for the whole family". Maybe it can be our christmas photo since they never seem to come out anyways when we try to pose for one.
(I may need help getting Joey really loaded before he'll put his on!)
Oh, if only my dreams really could come true how happy I'd be!!