Bringing in the New Year

We had a great New Years...hope you did also. Neither Joey nor myself have been big on New Years celebrations but this year we got invited to go spend the evening with some of our "local" friends and bring the kids along. It was a very laid back fun evening with the all our kids running around and the adults hanging out munching on stuff and having some wine. Its nice to get together with folks our same age because we tend to laugh about silly things from our youth.

Today Joey made a big pot of black eyed peas, corn bread and spinach. Believe it or not this was the first time I've eaten black eyed peas! Its is a southern tradition I think to eat these along with collard greens ( I couldn't take the smell of those cooking so we got rid of them and agreed on the spinach instead).

Tomorrow is the kids last day of vacation so I will make it mine as well. I'm going to treat them to a trip to the movie theater to see "The Water Horse". Thursday I will clean my studio and get some clay ready to throw. Yesterday I did some paper work and packed up pots to go here and there - some for gallies, some for photo's. After I did that I realized that my stock is back to the bare bones so I guess I need to get going sooner than I had thought. I have TONS of ideas I'd like to try but I first need to make a bunch of mugs for a benefit I do every year at our church. This weekend coming up we plan on finishing the chimney on the kiln. We needed to buy a certain type of saw to cut the bricks so we needed to wait for Christmas gift cards and such before we could this.

Its been a great Christmas break for me. I think looking back on 2007 I got a lot of baby steps accomplished with my work and I feel good about how the year went. I can't wait to see what 2008 holds for my potting adventures.

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