Drinking vessels

( Yes, I'm here!)
I got back to work the end of last week. My focus was drinking vessels to start back in the swing of things. I hadn't made any tea bowls in a long time so I threw some good size squared off ones with a cut square foot at the base. You can't see it but it is trimmed round on the inside and I cut the square for the outside. Its one of those nice happenings that you don't expect when turning over a piece. I think I'm going to try and do this a bit more this year..surprise is good!
This is a new mug for me; shape wise and handle wise. I've always been intrigued by upside down handles as well as this organic ending where it connects. (I've seen a lot of these on pots lately). I've often thought about trying this when I'm demoing handles for my class but I wasn't totally sure how to make one. Well, now I know so I think this next session coming up, we'll try some upside down handles.
Here are a set of soup bowls that I have saucers ready to be trimmed. When I think of cold, I think of coffee, tea and soup so this is where my head has been. I think the last time I made soup bowls was back in undergrad. Who knows if anyone will be interested in buying these but they where kind of fun to make, sort of like my egg cups.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

I like the cup forms with the handles alot. The upside down handles seem to suit your pots well. Do you make many plates and do you find that plates or platters sell well? Just curious.

Amy E

Unknown said...

love what you are doing!!!

Jen Mecca said...

I do make plates..well I just started. They have become popular lately for all of us ( circle of eight crew). I do make square platters. I call them cake plates and I do sell them but I loose a lot of them in the drying process.( bottom cracks).. you know porcelain.
Those handles are cool, but the take ALOT of time. The price will go up on these mugs. I can crank out the other kind of handles a lot quicker. ( But of course I'm trying to get out of the "crank" frame of mind.
I just spent 2 whole days teaching kids...my brain is fried. I don't know how you did that!