Spaghetti dinners

Last night my sister and niece came for a weekend visit and we got to enjoy a family tradition. Sauce! Here in the Charlotte area we once again had a snowy mix of rain and such outside but of course my northern family braved the elements and came for dinner. ( Mom, Dad , Grandma, Pam and Ellie). My father spent the day at my parents house preparing the sauce, which is something he has only done since I've been an adult and Joey and I took care of the pasta, salad and such. When I was little pretty much every other weekend we would drive from Ithaca New York to Syracuse for sauce at my grandparents house. Its one of my favorite family memories growing up and whenever my sister comes to town we get together for the same sort of family meal, only my grandmother does not cook these days.

Our dinner table is the exact one that I ate from as a girl. Pretty much all the furniture in our house we inherited from my grandparents so every time my grandmother comes to visit she likes to look around and "visit" and examine everything. Here it is set with my Brad Tucker dinnerware and I have a Ken Sedberry pitcher for a center piece.

I spent yesterday trimming up some things and packing some pots that need to be shipped out Tuesday.

Today I will throw some more...hopefully I'll get in the Zone without to many interruption and get a lot made.


chaetoons said...

Hello Jen
Found you over on Judi's blog and was delighted to find yours. It's alway neat to "meet" a fellow potter!
Last night managed (a new experience for me) to post a chatroom on my blog for potters and artists. Am hoping to get some "live" discussions going amongst us about pottery, glazes, techniques and art-related subjects.
Am hoping you will come over and join in!

Unknown said...

jen jen jen... now I'm hungry for true SAUCE... you can get that here in NEW JERSEY!

Unknown said...

Jen---Ithaca to Syracuse, how I love to read these words. I forget where in Ithaca you grew up? We definitely talked about this, right? I am having a brain freeze or something...You know I am from Newfield, right?

But SAUCE. Oh dear nothing like it. But we drove nearly every weekend to grandma's in Elmira. But I know there are a lot of Italians in Syracuse. My dad married one, his second wife is from Syracuse...Salinas or whatever...area.

Mmm whenever I visit Dad I make sure his wife, Joan makes sauce. I never did master a great sauce....yet.

Jen Mecca said...

I do remember we talked about this. I really grew up in Drydan, outside of Ithaca but few people now where that is.
My fathers family lived in Solvay, which is the Italian section of Syracuse. That is where I was born. I miss Central New York a lot. I have a student Kathy who is from there as well and still visits her family there a lot. She brought me back some NY state wine from one of her visits. UMMMMMMMMM

Thank you for the invite. I'll have to see what you all talk about and see if I can add anything sometime! jen