Studio Fashion

The other morning I got to chat with my friend Brad Tucker. He's one of my favorite pottery pals to laugh with because he's got such a great sense of humor. As we where talking I was lamenting that at that moment on the phone I was trying to get my studio up to temp. so I could go out and work. I was laughing at how some nights its a miracle I can throw anything with all the layers I wear to keep warm. Some nights I feel like I have so much on that I might as well buy a snowsuit like I had as a child. Then I get a visual image of how I would look as an adult in a big pink snowsuit with fur around my face and get a good inside laugh.
Anyways, Brad thought I should put a photo up of how I do look in the winter when I work. ( I think he wanted a good laugh!)Last night wasn't so bad when Joey took this photo. I only had one pair of sweat pants on under my pregnancy overalls that have come in handy since I had the twins. Under this heavy purple sweater my mother-in-law made for me I have two long sleeve shirts. Just add a coat and I'm all set to load a wood kiln out in Minnesota somewhere!
There was a time in the 20's when I was to vain to put such a photo up for everyone to see. ( I look a bit "haggard" in this photo..which is the norm on a school night.) These days I'm amazed at what kind of get-ups I'll go out in. (I am keeping my New Years resolution about not going out in sweatpants as much.)
To keep my pots from freezing I drape flannel sheets over them and on really cold night I keep on heater going on low so my clay won't freeze. When my glazes freeze out in the shed, I stick them in my kiln and turn it on low for a bit.Those are my tips for anyone who thinks a none-heated space can not be used for a studio!

I'm working on clam boxes and tiles at the moment. Slowly I'm loading up the bisque kiln. Tonight I will be teaching so I better go out and get working.

Quaid is at home this morning with a stomach ache. I think he just wanted to be with mommy and make paper airplanes. Some days I think we all need a break so I'm letting him "re-group".


Unknown said...

Now that`s a cover shot! You look like my wife on a cold Arizona morning. I find her in the studio layered and a crusty mess. Unlike your area by noon she`s back to her normal size.

Jen Mecca said...

In the morning I'm only have on half these layers so it sounds like your wife and I have reversed fashion hours! I don't think I've ever thought of Arizona as being cold. But I'm sure the same could be said about South Carolina.Jen

Unknown said...

now that's HOT!

Scott Smith said...

hubba hubba