Words on pots

"Eddies got one crazy eye that turns him into a cartoon when a pretty girl goes by"......Ricky Lee Jones

I've always loved Ricky Lee Jones songs and I have no idea why I will listen to them over and over again. I was thinking yesterday morning when I was on the treadmill listening to her song how that is such a great line. You can see in your head the expression she is talking about on his face.

So, here are a few of the tiles and a clam box with some words/quotes on the pieces. The images do not show up that well at this stage because the clay is leather hard and the stain smears. After it gets out of the bisque kiln you can see them better. Plus my camera is pretty low grade so I apologize. I look at these and wonder if it is to much , which I am notorious for doing to my pots. I should go take a workshop with someone like John Glick who also has tons of stuff going on with his surface but does it well.

Today I picked up images of my work that I had shot last week. They look great but for once I really saw things about my pots ( not surface for once) but form that I want to work on. It occurred to me that I never noticed this so clearly before with my work when I saw it up on a screen. Maybe my eye has finally learned how to critically look at my work. God.....how many years have I been doing this and it just clicked with me??? Of course it is so much easier to see on someone elses work!

I'm on my own this evening with the kids. We are having what I like to call a "hic-cup" with Quaid this month. Raising three kids is like a continuous door of someone that is having issues; it is always revolving. And an issue is usually hard for a parent to deal with. Raising kids I do admit stresses me out because I tend to worry a lot. I want everyone to be happy.These are things that one never thinks is truly that hard when your child is a baby and you dream of what life is going to be like with this little wonder. It did occur to me that getting my thoughts and fustrations about all this would be great to do on my work, but would I really want to share that much with the public? For the most part the quotes I put on my pots can't be truly read because I don't write that neatly. So...just things going on in my head with this new exploration of text.


Unknown said...

Certain songs and phrases make the spirit dance. Dance with your spirit and all else just falls in place.

Anonymous said...

I understand about writing on pots and not having it be truly clear. and I too wonder if I say too much...especially on my blog. So I go back and forth..reveal all to not much!! Elaine

Chris McCormick said...

Nice work! want to share links? I have linked to you on my new blog www.socalpotters.com
Hope you do the same!
Peace in all your adventures;

Scott Smith said...

Jen, you might be on to something - you could write something on each pot that would convince the parent not to throw it at his/her kid that just did something completey ridiculous.