Sketch Book

The kids did go back to school today and I stayed true to my resolution and sat in the car-pool line and worked in my sketch book. I figured I am going to jot down some new ideas I have along with a list of things I need to make..and why. I guess I feel like I need to give myself some feedback on why I think I need certain things for my inventory so I don't get off track. That may seem weird to some folks ( you should just do it) but for those of us that have a hard time staying focused..it is needed. A few post ago Vicki Gil had made a comment to me about how I join my "twin vases" together and what a good idea that was for other things. I got an idea right off the top of my head that night for a piece I had struggled with in the past; conjoined relish dishes. Back in grad school I made a bunch of these and would spend hours cutting and "conjoining" two sides together. Today I sat and sketched how I could make the piece "spoon" each other and then attach via the glaze as I do my twins. We'll see what happens. Thanks Vicki for turning on a light bulb in my head!

Still not out in my studio yet. I have Christmas stuff to put away and I have to finish painting some trim around the house I swore I would do over break. I have done some much needed paper work for shows and such. I think this weekend will be a good time for cleaning and making clay. ( I'm hoping the temp. goes up from 30 degrees to maybe 60's). I think my clay is frozen since I haven't had the heater going out there...yikes.

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