Week review

Sorry I've been absent. Truthfully this week was so chuck full of other stuff and surprises that once again put pottery making on hold. I'm really hoping that this will not be the case in the coming weeks because I REALLY need to make some pots!
Monday and Tuesday where spent at the kids school all day in the art room demoing the talking. I had kids from 3yrs up to 5th graders so the mood was constantly changing. Both nights by the time I got the kids home, I did not want to be out in my studio. I just wanted to go to bed.

Wednesday I get back to work but had one of those days that I crashed a lot of pots that I made. I'm trying to be really picky about what I save these days since Porcelain is so expensive.
Thursday we got snow and ice. We were all very excited about that. My kids where up at 5am...(yes 5 am) wanting to go outside in the wet, cold rain and snow. We managed to keep them in until about 6:30 am and I got to enjoy a cup of coffee and look at all the school closing for about an hour while they got sock-and-wet. So..my morning of studio time was gone and the afternoon was spent taking a bunch of finished work to be photographed. I really like the guy that does this for me. He's a friend of my pal Ron Philbeck and this time we spent a lot of time chit-chatting about music and movies so while my babysitter could of been watching the kids while I worked a bit more in the studio, I choose to enjoy some good conversation and take my time getting photo's made. The night was spent teaching the first of 10 classes to an intermediate group of students.

Here it is Friday. Once again there was no school today due to a teacher workday and this evening I finally got back to my nightly "stint" in the shop and made some pitchers. WoW...what a week!

Our area is calling for another snow and rain/ice storm this weekend so once again, the kiln has been put on hold. I enjoy having the winter weather. I tend not to complain so much about the cold out in my studio when it seems like there is a reason for it. ( Cold with no snow does not make sense to someone who grew up in central New York).
We'll see if by Monday I'll have some images to put up for all to see.

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