Stoneware Cups

Here is some progress I made last week on getting back to making pots. I did have to re-pug a bunch of this clay but in the end it did turn out to be a lot easier to throw so I had an enjoyable day making things on Friday.

I thought I'd just post a few shots of some tumblers I made. I love how stoneware looks right after the rib has cleaned up the outside. Those slick water marks that go around the cup are great! Of course, a round cup to me is not something I can leave without touching it again..... Here is one side that I have started to alter with my rib.

These are the final cups squared off on all sides. ( Its funny how here the clay looks more brown than the other shots..go figure.)

These are the final cups with the edge I always cut; making the cup my own style. You can also see some mugs that started off my throwing adventures for January. I've finished some bowls and I'm working on putting some handles on a few large pitchers.

Today Joey and I cleaned ( really cleaned with rags, soap and water) my whole studio. I have someone coming this week to do a story about me for a local magazine so it is always good incentive to not look like a pack rat. She particularly asked to take photo's of my studio! HA! I of course laughed when she said this but a friend of mine pointed out that it was awesome for people to see that you can create in the most modest of circumstances. (Some days I feel like the poster child for this statement.)
As I said last year, I love January, its a time to get your head together, take care of yourself and your home, spend time together with out needing to go out someplace. This weekend are the football play-offs so Joey has the rest of his days planned out. The kids are playing "Restaurant" at the moment and I plan on working for a bit. Maybe when they all need a break from each other, I'll do a little art project with them.
Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

nice tumblers, love your take on the form


jbf said...

Great tumblers and mugs (and in stoneware, no less).

Scott Smith said...

Jen, is that a new tumbler for you?? I love the look of it. How tall are they?

It was great seeing you guys last night. Let's try that movie thing another time.