Back to Business

Back to business and no more silly songs........
I had a few pieces that did not get fired before I left for Raleigh last weekend. It is so out of character for me to fire a kiln when I really don't have anywhere to go in a day or so ( the nature of my work schedule...cramming everything in at the last minute). It felt really good to re fire some things and get the work in the kiln way before any show or obligation that I might have. Here are the few pieces from that kiln.
If you all recall I spoke a few posts back about feeling like I had to many designs going on each pot. This flower with the red on the inside is one that I have choose to repeat on several pots so that I have more consistency in my work. This design works well on a number of different forms.
Here are some fun little spoon trays that have houses on them, just like the drawings I do on the pillow tiles. These are just fun to do and a good small item for people who would like something but can not spend a whole lot.The huge bowl below was a little test in putting more color where my drawings are. I'm still thinking and working this out with my work.

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