Glazed Plates

I was happy with how everything turned out in the kiln yesterday. I'm still re firing some old stuff and putting in some leftovers. I had a request for some urns a fews weeks ago that I needed to get down and here are the plates that I've been reporting on over the last few weeks or so. I like this amber and aqua combination and I think the form and sprigs work fairly well also. For some reason there is a purple cast on this photo, which is not on the plates just in case anyone had a question about that. The other night at Clayworks I showed all my fellow bloggers my poor, old camera. Soon it will be my birthday and perhapse I can sweet talk my family into a contribution towards a nice new one. I have hope!
Please...give your input if you have one to share about the plates.

Yesterday a took a trip into Charlotte to pick up some raw materials I need for tests. Once I got everything home last night I realised how I really hate all the bags of "dust" I have in my glaze shed and thought I may be in need of some plastic bins. On the way back from school drop off this morning I visited my favorite cheap store Dollar General and got a ton of plastic containers real cheap. Score! Hopefully today between making a few things, I may get involved with some re-organization and cleaning up a bit. ( Joey loves when the studio get cleaned so hopefully I'll score some brownie points with my other half.)

Have a good weekend folks!~


Terry Shipley said...

Jen, I really do like the plates. I agree with you, the color combination is a good one...without the purple! I also like the white which is appearing more and more in your work. It's really appealing. Can't wait to see them in person.

Scott Smith said...

I'd love to see this in person too. I bet Debi will love them.