Last night I do some paper stencils with my beginning 2 class. These where so much fun and more and more I'm really enjoying this red clay body.
Its always a bad thing when I demo something I like because then my mind starts drifting around asking itself if I can use this new technique in my pots. Like I need one more element to work with! AHHHHHH...(the voices need to go away.)

Here is a photo of the plates I showed a few posts back. You can see that I added the stain and they are in the kiln cooling as I write.

Hey...who is this guy posing for a shot! ( This is the Clayworks studio and that is my trusty fellow instructor Mr. Ron Philbeck. )


Ron said...

I like those chicken feet flower plates. Not so sure about that pic of me. Ha!

Jen Mecca said...

It looks like your "vogueing".Strike a pose!

Hummm....chicken feet flowers, that could be cool.