Birthday, pots, camera....

Yes...once again, the camera has been found. Where you ask? Well...Quaid's hamper and I have no idea how it got there. Such is life with three children, two somewhat unorganized adults and a piece of equipment that I think I'm subconsciously trying to get rid of.

These photo's below are actually ones that Joey took with his work camera that came home one night last week. I'm now getting around to posting them. See the crispness in the photo's? This is good camera....

This is a "bird boat", today I'm going to put some handles on these. I've made these in different sizes. I'm not sure about the handles yet so I'm going to get some paper, play around with fake handles and than make a decision on what looks good.
One night last week I just started making these lidded casseroles again. I think making one with my class last week sparked this idea.
Below is the start of some butter dishes.
Yah...this kind of photograph should look familiar...its with my camera.

I did have a nice quiet birthday yesterday. Lots of well wishes. This is what was left of my birthday cake when the camera was finally found. My sweet husband found a cake with poka-dots on it and I was treated like a queen for the day. Boy..once my cake trays are done I'm going to be baking some good cakes for some fun photo's!

My parents called in hospice for my grandmother on Tuesday and my grandmother is being cared for by a Palliative Care medical specialist now. I said my final goodbye's to her on Wednesday. Its sort of a funny thing staying in limbo while something is going on in your life. You try to keep up your normal activities but you do things like put the butter in the refrigerate, forget to buy cat-food for two days and my thought process for working has been set in a sort of one day at time mode instead of planning ahead.

Next weekend is Larkspur, my most favorite show of the year. A month ago I had all the items I was going to make for that planned out in my head. Now I'm just sort of making whatever because I'm in limbo, trying to get to the other side of things. Life lessons are all good and slowing down to think is a requirement in times like this. I've reconnected with relatives, reflected on my own family and been there to help instead of running away from a difficult situation. Maybe I have really reached my 40's! I like to joke that in my mind I'm still 26. Now I think I'll just sway from 42 to 26 when needed.


Scott Smith said...

Happy belated birthday. Glad you found your camera. And I really like the platter you gave Debi for your birthday - it's a work of art!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, periodically lose my camera and it drives me crazy... sorry to hear of your grandmother.