I've been hearing a lot about "Twittering" lately..its seems to be everywhere.
Today I was listening to an interview with the two guys who invented Twitter, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone. As I was listening I started to wonder if all of us who blog and facebook are soon going to jump on this bandwagon to keep up with our ceramic hero's and questions.

Raise your hand if you already "twitter"!?

I have to admit that I have gotten on the website to see what it is all about, but than I thought since I don't even use my cell phone on a regular basis, what was the point. I have enjoyed Facebook these last few months. Its nice to see what is going on with my friends and family on a day to day basis. I enjoy "snooping" on my niece and nephew and ribbing my husband about stuff but if I can't keep up with my blog, why start something else? While I was listening to these guys talk about how most people tweeter to keep up with the on going events or trends that shape each individuals lives I really did think " Oh no, will the ceramic community that I blog with start doing this also and I'll have to tag along to keep up"?

So, if you are twitting, please let me know..I'm curious to know what all my "techno" clay geeks friends are up so I don't fall behind. ( Which is where I feel like I am most day in the technology world. Texting...what is that????)

Its Wednesday.... I'm happy to be home. Only one sick kid with me today. I'm grading extra credit papers and throwing. Its a pretty good day here in the Mecca-Lawler house-hold.


Ron said...

I did the Twitter for a while but it seemed kinda pointless for me.
Michael Kline is doing it. You can visit his blog and see it on the side bar and see what folks are tweeting.

I keep saying I'm gonna delete my FB account, I may do that and just create an account on there for my pottery.

Back to glazing. Good to see ya last night.

Tracey Broome said...

I just can't figure out where anyone finds the time to tweet, facebook, blog, check email, return phone calls, read a book,and then eat, sleep, work....., not to mention the kids if you have them. I can barely get my blog done! I tried Facebook but found it boring, I don't even get the tweet thing, but I'd rather read a good book or go for a walk with Wes and Gerry.

Scott Smith said...


Blog, Facebook, Twitter... it's a lot to keep up with isn't it?

I've been trying the Facebook thing, but I have to agree, it just bores me. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

I don't see myself really using twitter for personal reasons. Who cares what I'm doing minute by minute?? Debi insists it would have been cool when we were younger... if you were going to Bar XYZ, you could tweet that info and all your friends who had nothing better to do might show up at said bar to party with you.

I think Twitter is great for reaching a large number of people (for instance I've seen news shows that take questions for a guest via Twitter).

You can put more info on a blog and give it more of a "branded" feeling, but I think it’s not as likely that new people will find & follow a blog (as compared to Facebook & Twitter).

I’m not trying to run a business and it nearly makes my head explode. Good luck.

Amy said...

Nope, I'm not into twitter. Won't do it. I think it's pointless too. I don't use facebook much either! One can only do so much.

Judi Tavill said...

I do it. You can link some of these so you only have to throw a thought out there once. When I tweet about an item on ETSY, it definitely increases views. Not sure about sales. Facebook has definitely brought sales for me. Some special orders, etc. I like throwing stuff out there to see what comes flying back at me. Keeps things jumpin'. My husband ... Not so much.

Sandi said...

Jen, I have been on Twitter for about a year and a half. I use it professionaly for personal learning. There are worlds of people out there that SHARE information relevant to my interests. Unlike a feed reader, I can pick up twitter at any time. The trick is finding people to "follow" that have similar interests as you. Then the tweets just come rolling in.
I use a program called tweetdeck that floats on my desktop and shows current "tweets"
If you set up an account you can find me at sandiadams There are several potters out there that are tweeting ideas, solutions, etsey sales and more. Not for everyone but for me, LOADS of information I use at my job. (Tech Project manager for a school district)

Jen Mecca said...

Wow...thanks guys. That is all very interesting. Thanks for the response. I'm on the verge of getting a blackberry storm so we'll see what happens once I enter the world of REALLY using a cell phone-thing.

Studio Terrafemina said...

I blog for Family and one for Art. Yup made sales through the blog.
I link my blog to Twitter no sales yet. I like twitter to hear and read links from other potters and book sellers ( I had a bookstore before I had my latest baby) I face book for Family Friends and a wee bit of business/art. I have made sales that way. Twitter is more interactive on a Global basis. I like that. Feels like I am not in a small hick town on an Island (like I really am) lol
Ya-and whoever said it earlier... it is indeed enough to make my head burst!
Happy Potting Mud Mama!
from Vancouver Island

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

You say "small hick town" like it is a bad thing. I try to do as little with technology as possible. I realize that a computer and a website (maybe) are pretty much mandatory to do business today, but I don't much like it. I am trying the whole blog thing to get a bit more exposure than just the website, but that is as far as I go. I think the more people rely on technology, the worse off we are.

Unknown said...

About the only thing I can keep up with are the blogs I read and even those not on a regular basis. I also have a lot of pottery related web sites saved and etsy shops that I monitor. There is just not enough time for much more ------ plus, I just don't get the Twitter thing.

Jen Mecca said...

Well Diane....you summed up what I was saying. It was so great to get so many posts about this! Thanks for checking in. Jen