Sunday evening

This morning I scored the mother load of good boxes behind the Dollar General. SCORE! Nothing like a good dumpster dive to finish off your weekend. I spent the day packing, gardening and finishing up my butter dishes.
I also had to spend sometime on this device to post an assignment for my students. I had just finished telling Joey that I wished I owned some Queen albums because I was in need of a little "Under Pressure" turned up high. Instead of got on Utube and found some good clips while I typed. Who can go wrong with alittle David Bowie live singing "Hero's". He's got the coolest band backing him up...love the chic with the bass guitar in the back.



Tracey Broome said...

Oh man, girl!! You made my day with this video. I have this album, and used to listen to it every night to fall asleep when I was a teenager. Wes now loves this song and David Bowie and she listens to my Bowie albums all the time. Thanks! nice treat

Amy said...

dumpster diving! that's great.... I think I need some dumpster diving wisdom. see you tomorrow at clayworks!

Jen Mecca said...

Tracey....Ah..Bowie..what is about him? I just love watching this video...such an awesome song! I need to get this album. I was looking at underpressure with he and Freddie that other day and was wishing I could of seen them in concert together.
Very cool that Wes likes this. I can't wait till my kids can appreciate good tunes more.

I am the QUEEN of the dumpster dive!
See you soon. Jen

Blind Fly Theater said...

Hello Jen,
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PS -- Keep up the beautiful work!

Tracey Broome said...

Jen: I got to see Bowie's Glass Spider Tour at the Dean Dome here in Chapel Hill years ago. It was the most amazing concert I have ever been to. I can still remember every bit of it. He's still so cool too. Not like some of the other "rockers" his age who are looking sketchy! (like Robert Plant.