Checking In

I'm getting to bed far to late these last few nights and its not because of doing to much work I have to honestly say. I'm back to surfing the computer much more than I should. Last night a found a great site where I can listen to all Ryan Adams concerts live. I just sat here and enjoyed the tunes for about a hour last night when I really should of been getting my beauty sleep.
I've been spending my week getting ready for the workshop I'm giving this Saturday in Columbia. I've been going through slides and trying to get a plan on the types of pots I'll be demonstrating. In the studio I've been sort of playing with some new mugs forms and trying to get my springs to be a bit more unified with the pots they sit on. (What that really means is just trying to figure out a better application for them on the piece.)

Exciting news for anyone who reads Amy Sanders Blog - she did have her baby yesterday and it was a boy ( which I predicted...hahummm). He was 9lbs and 1 oz and they named him Guthrie...Gus for short. I spoke with Amy today and she was like any new mom, proud, tired, emotional and in "Babyland". ( That a world that only new mom's understand........sorry folks, hard to describe but I heard it in her voice.) I can't wait to see the little guy. Speaking to her today naturally brought me back to Quaid and how different my life as a potter was when he came along. I learned how to work in 1/2 stints and give up my own ambitions for awhile to care for him and then his sisters. Now that everyone is growing fast, I know I would not chance any of it.

Everyone give a little happy thought out to Amy and Gus and their new adventures together into the world of motherhood and clay.


Anonymous said...

Good news for Amy. I do read her blog on occassion. It sounds like life is good for you as well. I got a check from Strictly Functional the other day. My first sale of pottery since Eli was born. Hopefully Amy will find a better way of juggling the craziness that is to come.

Amy E

tsbroome said...

Thanks for the posting of Amy's news. I was wondering if she had it yet. Glad to know someone else has become a night owl on the internet. I looked up from youtube the other night and it was 2am. There is just too much information out there to actually take in, isn't there!