While cooking today I came up with all sorts of things we could use to make our kitchen more user friendly. Bowls, bowls and more bowls of all shapes and sizes. Some that poured, some that had handles and some just small ones for spices and such. Here are just a few that I used while cooking. The green on with the celery in it is my friend Julie Wiggins, the other two are my seconds. This blue one with the rim is perfect for grating cheese because you can just lay the grater on the rim and slice away!

This was the menu:
Sausage-Stuffed rack of Pork with Sage
Piselli con Asparagi E Basilico ( Asparagus, peas and basil)
Dama Bianca (Fennel and celcery salad)
Sicilian - Style Potato Gratin
For dessert - Oven Crespella with Nutella sauce and Strawberries
Joey did help pick out the menu a bit. It had a Italian theme which was good because my parents came and my dad is 100% Italian. I really wanted to make sauce for him but Joey had grander idea's, which did come out in the end.

Here we are! I think it was a successful adventure but I'm ready to get back to my pots and leave the gourmet cooking to my husband.

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tsbroome said...

Man, you put me to shame with the cooking. Gerry asked for a home cooked meal too since we had been in NY all week. He got fried okra, butter beans and corn on the cob.Also homemade biscuits. Can you tell that we are southern? Oh yeah, dessert-strawberry, raspberry, blueberry shortcake. I should have taken a picture of all the dishes stacked in the sink. Is it just me or does anyone else use every dish in the cupboard when they cook?