Song Catcher Show

I had a fun project I was working on the last few weeks for this show at
Lark and Key Gallery in Charlotte. Some of you may remember that I was trying to put some of my daughters drawings on some of my pots but was not happy with the result. This show came along and I finally had a venue for this "idea" so I went with it. You can read down about the show.....

JULY 4th - AUGUST 31st (opening reception Friday July 11th, 6-9pm)

Thirty (plus) artists from around the country will be offering art, pottery, jewelry - or whatever medium strikes a chord - celebrating the diversity of music and its creative influence on their work. The show also aims to expose viewers to a world of music they may not be aware of. Various bands and djs will be playing during the opening and at the gallery crawls while the exhibition is up.
In an effort to give back to the community Lark & Key will also donate a portion of sales to the Belmont Community Center YWCA Afterschool Program. We will be working with the program director to provide funds for art and music related education for the children in order to encourage their creative spirit.
Participating Artists: Their styles and mediums are as diverse as their musical influences!
Adorn, Katherine Blackwell, Flora Bowley, Michelle Caplan, Sandra Dawson, Diana Fayt, Matt Flint, Charlotte Foust, Renee Garner, Lisa Gastelum, Tim Gates, Jessica Gonacha, Duy Huynh, I’m Smitten, Carl Linstrum, Laura McCarthy, Jen McCleary, Nicole McConville, Myron Macklin, Cara Ober, Angie Renfro, Kate Phillips, Jessica Pisano, Ron Philbeck, Osiris Rain, TJ Reddy, Amy Sanders, Christy Smith, Melissa Tyson, Julie Wiggins

To the left are the inspirations for my pieces

Here's my statement and the song I choose.

"You remind me who I am"

By Steve Poltz

Having to split my time between being a full time mom and a full time studio potter, I tend to get lost in both worlds. The clay does not like to wait for me when I have a sick child and my children do not like to wait while I'm finishing up something during my work cycles. Of course the kids are more vocal and more important than my studio work when one thinks about the importance of life.
My daughters remind me of this when I'm out in my studio working and they so desperately want to be with me. They send out little drawings through the cat door explaining what they want since they can not write or spell yet. I post these drawings on my door so I can be reminded what is really the most important thing in my life.

As an artist, you can get very lost in yourself and the creative process that drives you.

This is one of four plates I did for the show.


Anonymous said...

Great song choice...

mudheartpottery said...

That plate is great - little people have a wonderful way of bringing out incredible emotional responses in us and we are all the richer for it and in turn our art takes unusual paths.

tsbroome said...

I love, love, love this plate!!! What a great image. It just says it all doesn't it?

Jen Mecca said...

We'll see it goes over at the show. I have two more that go with it.Maybe I can get Ron to take a photo for me at the opening ( I won't be there). j

Patricia Griffin said...

The description of your daughters sending out the little drawings through the cat door is just dear! Love the plate. What a great way to share who you are, as a mom and potter!