A few photo's

Here are some images that I've been meaning to post...just a few things in the dry stage before staining them. Since Larkspur is a garden show I made there birds to go on Angle Iron. The based on some glass birds that I fell in love with a few years ago at the Murano Glass exhibit at the Mint Craft and Design museum. We'll see how they come out..they where really fun to make.
Here is Joey holding one of the raven pots that came out of the kiln a few days ago.
These are pretty big containers based on pickle jars. They too have a raven on the top and also drawn on the pot.
These are relish servers. I like the cut feet.
Some pots drying. I tried some new handles on those bakers. Not sure if I pulled them right, we'll see how they come out!

I'll be packing up today and then off to Raleigh.


Amy said...

I hope the show goes well for you! Looks like the weather should cooperate- maybe a touch toasty...

Patricia Griffin said...

Wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog. The pics are great too. Love those birds! I'm thinking you'll have a great day at the show!

Keith said...

i like the cut feet also. i've been trying that out on some new forms of mine. i also like the bike in the background....i find it hard to take any picture without the evidence of my kids....unless of course, that is your bike.


lookin' good jen!