More show photo's

Here are a lot of random photo's of the Larkspur show. At most shows I'm so excited about what is going on I either forget to take my camera out or all my snap-shots are pretty quickly done. Of course this was no different. When I had a lull on Sunday I quickly went around and just shot some photo's of my friends and some of their work. Here is Laura Avery. She and her husband Blaine own a shop in the Seagrove area. Blaine is a potter and Laura is a tile maker and a mom. Blaine had his first studio at Cedar Creek the same time I was working in the gallery. Below is Ronan Peterson who is on his second year at the show and a great addition at that. Below are some pots by Tim Turner and Brad Tucker.

Here is Lisa Oakley and Betty McKim. Lisa is a glass blower and her Dad and Mom started Cedar Creek over 40 years ago. Lisa hired me to be the manager of the Creedmoor gallery while she directed that store and another site in downtown Raleigh. I think we both find it funny that here we both are on the other end of the stick trying to sell our own work these days and not everyone elses. I learned a lot of great information about selling my work from that experience. Betty McKim is a wonderful jeweler who worked with me in the gallery and is also a parent of identical twins. I was 23 when we met and I use to laugh at how crazy her life was than. When I told her I was having twins 5 years ago she just laughed none stop at me on the phone.....karma!Here are a few other shots of some gardens and another craftsmen at the show. There where other sculptures, potters and jewelers but like I said, I only went around quickly and took photo's. Each year Frances invited differant people. I'm always excited to see new faces and differant work. This is Betty's husband George Mckim who is a painter and made
these crazy bird houses this year!
Last but not least, here's a shot of Brad and Tim deciding where the slip and slide should go next year!


Patricia Griffin said...

Thanks for taking the photos and sharing. It's always interesting to see how potters set up for shows. How great to have such a close-knit community of potters/artists. Sounds like the show was a lot of fun, even though customers were few... I'm hearing that everywhere right now.

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Silly me, I tried to reply to your comment that I got by email and realized later it said "no reply", so here I am again--please do put up info about the fall show. I intend to do the same on my space about it and the circle of eight with you all, just have been painting shutters and whatnot instead of doing promo.

Jen Mecca said...

We'll do! Happy painting in the heat...YUK!