Matt Long

Last night was my last intermediate class for the spring. I'm slowly buying DVD's and tapes for my library to use as teaching tools so I purchased a video about Matt Long. Matt is a potter living in Oxford, Mississippi and got his MFA at Ohio University in 1997. He's really known for his whiskey bottles which he shows on this tape. I really enjoyed it and I think my students learned some good altering tricks from it as well.

HUMMMMMM........ next session may be all about some whiskey and Bourbon bottles done "the girly way".


Ron said...

Wish I would have known you wanted that video. I have it and would have given it to you.

Julie said...

I was fortunate enough to take a master class with Matt Long about a month ago. It was fantastic. Glad you're enjoying the video - I saw it a couple of years ago and *still* giggle about the needle-into-the-board thing.