Slowly working up to....work

I'm teaching a kid's pottery camp next week so yesterday I spent time getting ready for that and all my book-keeping for the last few months.

The kids have had fun enjoying their summer break so far with other friends, the pool and yesterday all the free library activities started so we went to see a show yesturday. Today I'm reclaiming and pugging clay than off to the movies with some of my mom friends. I was not able to celebrate my birthday with them and have a drink since I was swamped with work and mom stuff. Wow....playing catch-up is what summer time is all about for me. I have lots of projects planned. We'll see if I can finish them. And yes....the kiln is one of them but time is not really the issue with that, its more the financial priorities that have slowed that down. With gas prices so high, that eats into our extra funds and the first to go is pottery projects. I was so consumed with gas prices this last weekend I was looking at every gas sign I passed while driving. When I was going through the Seagrove NC area I noticed an old gas station that had gone out of business and still had its sign up that said $1.17 for gas. WOW...how long ago was that.
Well..off to pug!~

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