McKenna and I got home from our Raleigh excursion today around noon and pretty much the rest of the day was spent lounging around with all three kids enjoying the air conditioning and some good books and games. All of the craftspeople that did the show this weekend where troopers in the 100 degree heat for two days straight. I think I've only done one other show in weather like this before and I had forgotten how silly heat can make you. Or it may of just been the company I was around for two days. There was lots of talk about bringing a slip-and-slid next year along with a Margaretta machine. At one point we all just sat under a big tree for shade while customers meandered in and out of our booths. Brad Tucker thought it would be a good idea for us to just get walkie-talkies so we could still say Hello but not have to move.
Along with the heat and the lack of customers either due to the weather or the economy, we all had a great time hanging out together. Whenever I do this show I realize how important being part of a group or community really is.

Here is a photo of Frances Alverino and her daughter Holly. Frannie started this show 13 years ago as a show for sculptures in the triangle area since she was considered a sculpture with her the garden ladies that she started making at the time. As time went on, being the generous person she is, she invited many of her friends from Cedar Creek to come and be in the show as well. I think by the 4th year most of the sculptures faded out and it became more of a garden/craft show.
This was the first show I even did. I didn't have a set-up or even that many pots because I was still in school. That year Frances made sure all her friends and family who came to the show went over to my booth and at least looked around. I think I may have sold about $100 worth of pots and I was thrilled. I was thinking back on this moment as I was driving to the show this weekend and how sharing shows, information, customers and support is what our community is all about. Many of my craft friends at this show have helped me a lot along the way weather it was getting me started, encouraging me, giving me information about a show or letting me work for them when I was just starting out. Its all about helping one another, not taking yourself to seriously and being a true friend that understands where you are in life and how you can help.
.......Of course being able to pick and make fun of each other through the years is also quite fun and I think I lost 5 pounds alone from all the laughing I did!

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Sorry I did not get to make it this year. That is one of the best shows.