Tomorrow I'm off to Columbia to do a workshop for the Midland Clay Art Society. I'm pretty thrilled to have been ask to spend a day with them.

I spent today watching final summer camp "presentations". Quaid was in the theater camp this week and they put on a play today, which was very funny and entertaining. Quaid is quit the ham and enjoys the spotlight so this was perfact for him! The girls where in a dance camp and they also had a little show. Their teacher did a great modern piece with them where they pretended that they were seeds that grew up to be flowers. It was very good and cute of course.
After that I ran to Rock Hill to take on another new adventure for me - teaching an online Art Appreciation course through York Technical College. I'm excited and a bit overwhelmed with the process but ready to take it on. Wish me luck, we all know how great I am at the "written word".( No comment from the Philbeck peanut gallery!) Good thing I enjoyed Art History and can recall a lot of artist information so maybe that will save me from myself.
Tomorrow night its back to business in the studio if I'm not beat from my travels.......
Have a good one. If your in the area go out to Ron Philbeck summer sale, he's got some great work!


Vicki Gill, potter said...

How cool (or should I say "smashing", or my personal favorite "righteous!") about the online course.

Jen Mecca said...

You've been reading Ron's blog to much!!
I think I'll bring back the word
" Out-of-sight". Jen