Starting from scatch

Here is what my studio looks like today. What a mess! If I'm gone for two days, the kids manage to take it over in some way..you'll see their blow-up swim toys over to the side in this shot. All the empty shelves, boxes that need to be unpacked and cleaning get me excited about starting a new batch of work. I can't wait to start on some mugs! I was lucky to sell out on what I had which always brings a grin to my face since I love to make them. I had planned to take photo's of the yard birds that I made for the show but they sold out in the first few minutes of the show. People love to come right at 10am and buy up all the garden art. All my partners in crime this weekend had a good time ribbing me about putting anything on a "stick" so it would fly out the door. I have to admit that I was glad I made lots of planters and the birds. I loved the birds because they where something differant for me and these days at times I feel like I need something new other than pots. ( I can't believe I just had that thought!) I plan on making more for the Blowing Rock show I will be doing in July and August.
I had a huge flub-up in the last kiln I fired right before my show. Somehow my clear glaze got contaminated and it came out this milky color on the pots I put it on. Good thing I was in such a hurry to get out of town and not sit around thinking about it. I still have not opened the door to my shed yet to study those pieces. This evening I'm cleaning, organizing and opening the door to the shed. My heart will sink when I see all those nice baking dishes I made last week with the new handles I wanted to try. Such is life of a potter!


Patricia Griffin said...

Congrats on the sell-out at the show!

Becky said...

Great news to hear about the successful show! I'd love to see photos of your garden birds once you make another batch. Elaine & I had our barrel firing on Tuesday (w/ three different barrels.) I had two birds come out quite nicely & was so pleased. By the way THANK YOU! It was your suggestion that got us going in that direction. I think maybe you created a couple of pyro-monsters.

Jen Mecca said...

I love being a pyro-monster..thats why I love the soda/salt kiln.
I want to see your birds! I'm so glad the barrel thing worked for you. I'll check your blog. Jen

Patricia - thank you for all your positive comments. Its nice to get notes! Jen