Family weekend

The kids finished up school Thursday and we had a great school year with lots of accomplishments. It was also a busy one for all of us and a good weekend together was needed to get back on track with organization, being a family and re-establishing how important we all are together and how to fix communication skills that have gone by the wayside with all our busy lives. I could write for hours on this subject, but that is for another blog, or book! Joey and I were both in need of a good respit from "work" and time to pull us all together, so we have been "breathing" this weekend and having fun. There are so many good songs with lyrics about "breathing" and most of them focus on not the actual act of doing but taking time to slow down. Like I said, yet another huge topic to talk about when five lives, no matter how big or small are interacting with each other.

Now that I wrote about that, the matter of still working for my show next weekend took a little bit of a back seat but was still in our lives as it always is. I have been filling in the gaps with my usual items but as always made a few new things. Here are some photo's of small covered serving dishes with the raven on the top again. I plan on using the same black glaze I used for the teapot below and I may even glaze the bottom part of these pots totally black. I had some people at this show last year ask for a two person casserole dish so the request popped into my mind the other day when I was out thinking about how I was going to load the kiln and what to make.

Today I will be making glazes and staining various things while Joey and the kids are enjoying themselves at the local pool. I have a few more new things to take photo's of to post. Stay tuned!



I think you should do the etsy thing.....
It's time.

tsbroome said...

Jen, I enjoy reading your blog and wholeheartedly agree with your last post about blogging. I too am a mom and I teach and try to throw some pots in between all the craziness of having a 15 year old daughter and a husband that works as a photographer for the Associated Press. I started taking classes from Fran Brown in 2000 and haven't stopped since. I really miss Clayworks, what great people! I have some fun pics on my blog from cedar creek today, helped Tim Turner this weekend.

tsbroome said...

Can you post some info on the Larkspur Show in Raleigh? I would love to try and get by there.